FantasyHockeyDraftology2018 has all of the fantasy — and non-fantasy content that you need for this season!

Page 1: Draft Philosophy Overview, Draft Board Decoder, Top 50
Players Regardless Of Position
Page 2: Goalie Rankings, Lessons of Our Ultimate Quantitative
Baseline Stat, Players Most Disproportionately Important In
Forward-Position-Distinct Leagues, Overvalued and Undervalued
Page 3: Forward Rankings
Page 4: Forward Rankings
Page 5: 2018-19 Fantasy Overview, 2018-19 Fantasy Sleepers,
Fantasy Breakthroughs, Surplus Defensemen, Top 10 For The
Next 10
Page 6: Defensemen Rankings, Surplus Defensemen
Page 7: Don’t Be That Guy, Suggested League Guidelines,
Surplus Goalies, Surplus Defensemen
Page 8: 2018 FDH Hockey Mock Draft and Analysis
Page 9: The FDH Lounge Top 30 (Non-Fantasy) Players in the
Pages 10-13: Surplus Forwards
Page 12: FDH NHL 2018-19 Season Predictions
Page 13: 2018-19 Team UQB Rankings
Pages 13-14: Detroit Red Wings: From Rock Bottom To
Page 14: Surplus Defensemen, Top 10 For The Next 10


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