Value Drafting

The VIP PYRAMID represents the embodiment of the draft or auction philosophy.  It is predicated on the notion that accruing VALUE is the most important component of fantasy success.


To achieve VALUE, one combines the two lower corners of the pyramid, INFORMATION and PROCESS.  First, one works toward INFORMATION by gathering data about players at each fantasy sports position.  In football, for example, comparing quarterbacks to each other and running backs to each other allows one to determine the depth of strength at each position.  Methodology should include past statistics, current scenery and any change of status issues.

PROCESS involves comparing players across different positions to determine their true worth in the market.  To return to the earlier example, if one determines that the pool of top running backs is substantially smaller than the pool of top quarterbacks, then one could ascertain that Frank Gore should be slotted higher than Peyton Manning, notwithstanding the fact that he would not be rated higher at his position than Manning.  In niche sport leagues like golf or NASCAR in which only one fantasy position would be utilized, INFORMATION and PROCESS would be combined into the same step.  Part of the FantasyDrafthelp.comPROCESS involves use of our standard deviation from the mean statistic for baseball, football, basketball, hockey and NASCAR, and it is explained here.

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