Page 1: Draft Philosophy Overview, Top 60 Overall

Page 2: QB Rankings, Draft Board Decoder

Page 3: RB Rankings

Page 4: Lessons of “The Stat,” Suggested League Guidelines, Rookie Rankings, Top NFL Over-Under Predictions For 2023, Wild Card Players

Page 5: D/ST Rankings, K Rankings, Projected Breakthroughs, Overvalued & Undervalued Players, Sleepers

Page 6: WR Rankings, Don’t Be That Guy

Page 7: WR Rankings, 2023 Fantasy Overview, FDH Ranking of Top 10 NFL Coaching Trees

Page 8: TE Rankings, Embrace The Fellowship That This Pastime Provides

Pages 9-11: Dollar Bin Players, Top 10 For The Next 10

Page 10: 2024 NFL Draft Preview,

Page 11: FDH Non-Fantasy Ranking of the Top 32 Players in the NFL

Page 12: 2023 FDH Mock Draft & Analysis

Page 13: 2023 FDH Standings/ Playoff Predictions, FDH Top 10 Coaches In The NFL, 2023 NFL Power Rankings,

Pages 13, 16: One Run-On Sentence for Each AFC Team

Page 14: 2023 Season-Ending FDH UQB Team Stat, FDH Top Games of the 2023 NFL Season, One Run-On Sentence For Each NFC Team

Page 15: Top 10 NFL Players On The Spot In 2023, FDH Top 25 NCAA Football Coaches, FDH Top Games Of The 2023 NCAA Football Season, FDH Projected NCAA Football Major Conference Standings, Group of 5 Champions and College Football Playoff

Page 16: FDH 2023 NCAA FootbaProjected Standings, Remaining NFL Team Needs

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