NEW! NEW! NEW! FantasyFootballDraftology2022, your ultimate guide to the 2022 football season.

Page 1: Draft Philosophy Overview, Top 60 Overall

Page 2: QB Rankings, Draft Board Decoder

Page 3: RB Rankings

Page 4: Lessons of “The Stat,” Suggested League Guidelines, Rookie Rankings, Fantasy Over-Under Game & Draft Board

Page 5: D/ST Rankings, K Rankings, Projected Breakthroughs, Overvalued & Undervalued Players, Sleepers, Wild Card Players

Page 6: WR Rankings, Don’t Be That Guy

Page 7: WR Rankings, 2021 Fantasy Overview, FDH Ranking of Top 10 NFL Coaching Trees

Page 8: TE Rankings, As Steve Sabol Takes His Rightful Place In The Pro Football Hall Of Fame, Honor His And His Father’s Legacies By Revitalizing NFL Films

Pages 9-11: Dollar Bin Players

Page 10: 2022 NFL Draft Preview,

Page 11: FDH Non-Fantasy Ranking of the Top 32 Players in the NFL

Page 12: 2021 FDH Mock Draft & Analysis

Page 13: 2021 FDH Standings/ Playoff Predictions, FDH Top 10 Coaches In The NFL, 2021 NFL Power Rankings, One Run-On Sentence for Each AFC Team

Page 14: 2021 Season-Ending FDH UQB Team Stat, FDH Top Games of the 2021 NFL Season, One Run-On Sentence For Each NFC Team

Page 15: FDH Top 25 NCAA Football Coaches, NCAA Football Took A Long Time To Move To The Ideal System, Now Will Abandon It, FDH Top Games Of The 2021 NCAA Football Season, FDH Projected NCAA Football Major Conference Standings, Group of 5 Champions and College Football Playoff

Page 16: FDH 2021 NCAA Football Projected Standings, FDH Projection Of Major College Football Conferences By 2025

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